One of my favourite things to do is braid hair. I love All types of braids. Braiding can include on scalp braids or plaits. A lot of my clients ask for braids, I use them a lot when styling hair for bridesmaids and brides, fashion shows, fashion editorials and celebrities. There is really no circumstance where you can’t use them! They’re so versatile and popular and thanks to celebritites sporting them there is definitely no shortage of demand for them. To mix things up I like to add Fishtail braids, rope braids and jewellery.

I also love adding jewellery, chains and hair pieces to them for that added wow factor. Below are some images from a show I did in Fiji!

pink hair grey hair cornrows frankie endersbee  fishtail braid frankie endersbee

rope braid hair cornrows frankie endersbee frankie endersbee vogue italia braids plaits




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