How to: Curly Hair


A detailed how-to for one of my latest shoots for Yen Magazine all for girls with Curly Hair.

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Models Ruby Campbell, Chandra and Yaya

The top trending styles these days, are sleek looks, soft waves and smooth hair. Leaving behind girls with curly hair or girls who leave their hair natural. This post is dedicated to you ! There are still products around these days that are great for curly hair, with the mother of all tools being a diffuser. On this shoot I did with Yen Magazine, we focused on amplifying the girls natural looks.

  • Defining Natural Curls
    For Chandra, (pictured below in red) we treated the hair with a heavy moisturiser, we then applied liberally through the hair Sachajuan Styling Cream  ensuring to distribute it evenly through the hair. Our hero tool for this look is the all class Y.S Park titan mesh diffuser, used backstage on the biggest fashion shows in London, Milan, Paris and New York. These diffusers are life changing for curly hair and can be found at Alan White Anthology. Chandras’ hair stayed curly and defined throughout the whole day and she had never seen her curls so defined.
  • Natural long Afro hair
    For Ruby, (pictured below in green) we wanted to exaggerate the size of her natural fro. I’ve working with Ruby many times before, and have done many different looks on her. For this shoot, we accentuated her natural hair by adding Almond Oil through the curls to fatten and define them. I bought a specialised one from Rickys in NYC however most salon quality oils would work for this look. The trick is not to overload it too much, as it will start to look heavy and wet. We lightly brushed and backcombed the roots with a teasing brush to encourage the curls to stand more upright without it looking too messy. By just doing this at the roots, you are eliminating damage to the hair and making the hair appear thicker. I used a specialised brush for this, and wouldn’t recommend just any brush as this Parisian teasing comb is thin and evenly distributes tensions to minimise damage on the hair.
  • Short Natural Hair
    For Yaya, again I have worked with her many many times over the years. We like to massage in a gel and pinch the hair to create little defined curls as to ensure is doesn’t look too matted and to add definition. She sometimes brings her own gel, I used on her a gel infused with olive oil to help with definition and shine.


hair by frankie endersbee hair by frnakie endersbee hair by frankie endersbee hair by frankie endersbee

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