A lot of clients are unsure of what keratin actually is.
The product has changed a lot over the years, and had a bad rep for a while as it was recalled after it was discovered it had a carcinogenic formaldehyde in it. It has since been re-formulated and that ingredient has been removed.
Keratin now is a hugely innovative product. There are 2 main benefits

  1. Emlinates frizz
  2. cuts down drying time

It’s something I wish I knew about sooner. Especially for holidays and during summer, for me it’s absolutely life changing. They say it lasts for about 3 months. However depending on hair texture (I have very fine hair) for me it last 4-5 months. I could never get through a summer or holiday without it again.

I have clients that are very low maintenance and the thought of having a chemical process is scary to them. However after convincing them, that having this treatment once every few months with aid in their strive to cut down styling time everyday, most can not live without it.

The process takes about 2 hours. You can wash your hair, colour it, go for a swim, tie it up or do whatever you like afterwards. Like I said, Keratin has changed a lot over the years.

Keratin usually costs $320, or more if you have a lot of hair. You should use salon quality shampoos to maintain it, as cheap/supermarket products (are not only so bad for your hair in every circumstance) but usually contain sulphates and that strips the keratin from the hair.

They say salt water and swimming in the ocean strips it out too, but I personally would prefer to keep swimming everyday and just get it done sooner if need be.

Ask your hairdresser about keratin! Always make sure its a high quality one. If you’re paying less than $200 for it, beware as it will probably do more harm than good. I personally use Cezanne and love it.

Below is a short video of the process. Before, during and after. As well as a quote from the client!


“I never thought I would be able to let my hair dry naturally or just go for a swim an leave it dry. I like to be very low maintenance with my hair so Keratin is perfect. I found that constantly blow drying and straightening my hair was making the frizz worse and it was a vicious cycle. I cant believe I didn’t do it earlier! Its amazing what sort of products are available these days, and keratin is something I couldn’t live without” ¬†Sophie, Bondi


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