Pink Hair

Pink hair is a trend that has taken the world by storm.

It all started 10 years ago, when fashion designers, stylists, and fashion media personalitities started colouring their hair. The trend trickled down into every day wear and hasn’t yet seemed to go anywhere. As a hairdresser its awesome playing around with different and fun colours and is definitely not a trend we’d like to see the back of very soon.

Included are some pink hair colours I have done in salon. Using colour, direct stain pigments, shampoos and foams give you different results. Here they are explained below

My formulations vary and I have included them below

  1. Direct Stain Pigments
    – Directions
    – Fudge colours
    These colours can be very effective in achieving a pink result. However the brighter the colour the less is lasts. You will need to top up the pink yourself at home, make sure you wear gloves as this gets very messy
  2. Colour
    – Delorenzo Rosewood colour tint
    – Pravana Rosé
    – Mixing a lighter level i.e 10/0 with a super mix i.e: 0/65
    These colours are great because they last a lot longer than direct stain pigment colours. doing this before a direct dye will also help it last longer. These colours won’t be as bright and the direct dyes but will still give you a natural result. Only hairdressers would be able to apply this colour
  3. Foams and Shampoos
    – Delorenzo Rosewood + Violet
    – Delorenzo Fairy Floss
    These products are awesome to up keep your colour at home. You can take them home and the more you use it the more the colour builds up. These products don’t have many moisturising properties so you will still need to use your regular salon shampoo and conditioner with this product.
    n.b: With all the above products, the lighter the hair, the brighter the pink. In most cases the hair will need to be bleached first


pink hair rose hair frankie endersbee             pink hair rose hair frankie endersbee


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