Babylights + Micro Foils

There are a lot of buzz terms surrounding colour and babylights is one of them. Babylights refers to the technique of taking very fine weaves when foiling. It is still a highlighting technique, but refers to a more shallow weave.

When do you use babylights?
You would use babylights or microfoils when the hair is very dark and you want to lift it a few shades where standard highlights would be too obvious. Its also really beautiful when a client is transitioning from an ombre look to more of a softer root shadow/ balayage look. I often use babylights with balayage, as a beautiful colour to me, is seamless.

When do I ask for babylights?
Your hairdresser should know what babylights are. It means you dont want to see the foil or line of colour through the root area. It also means that the natural colour will be more incorporated and more obvious in the overall look. Babylights are perfect for when you want to lift your base shade just a little, and create some light and dark varitation without lifting the whole base.

How often do I have to have it re-done?
When done well, they should grow out very softly and seamlessly. My babylight clients are usually the ones that don’t always keep their 6-8week appointments and their main focus for their hair natural looking colour, not necessarily to completely change the colour.

Examples below include babylights and a combo of babylights and balayage

babylights balayage frankie endersbee babylights balayage frankie endersbee golden blondebabylights balayage frankie endersbee babylights balayage frankie endersbee




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